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The Craft Distillers Alliance is set to bring new spirits to Britain

Some good news from the Craft Distillers Alliance...

World Whisky tasting notes

Dom takes us through a collection of whiskies from around the globe

Tuthilltown Distillery New York

Tuthilltown distillery in New York is leading the American craft distilling assault on the rest of the world. we spoke to Ralph Erenzo, partner and distiller Tuthilltown, New York

Editor's Notes

Welcome to The St George’s Day issue of World Whisky Review

New Italian Whisky Distillery

Italian whisky? The idea of it seems a bit odd at first, but when you think about it it makes total sense I spoke to Jonas Ebensberger about what looks certain to be a very exciting new whisky venture.

Kingsbarns Distillery

Kingsbarns Distillery has been a twinkle in some whisky maker's eye for a long time now. But at last it's going to become a reality. I went to see a work not quite in progress

St Georges Day Special 1 - The Copper House Distillery

The Copper House Distillery prepares for a broadside

Penderyn’s Stephen Davies is first chairman for CDA

The Craft Distillers Alliance signs up a craft distilling heavyweight

News: america goes in to battle

The huge American craft distilling industry is up in arms - both internally and with international legislation. now the biggest and most respected new distillers are set to make their play - both home and abroad

St George's Day Special 2 - London Distillery Company

The London Distillery Company is starting to produce malt spirit in London with a view to launching London whisky. The company is already producing a boutique gin called Dodds. I spoke to distiller Andrew MacLeod Smith

Limeburners whisky

The Great Southern Distilling Company's Limeburners malt whisky is now a world whisky front runner. Dominic talks to David Syme.

Penderyn announce major expansion plans

The announcement by Penderyn of major expansion plans marks another step up for the distillery.

Zuidam - Dutch master

Dutch family firm Zuidam has won countless awards over the years. Now the company's taking a battering ram to the world of whisky.

Australian producer slams whisky magazine critics

The Aussies bite back and other world whisky stories

It's a game changer

Dominic discusses the new route to market for small whisky producers around the world.

Ground breaking deal opens UK market to world whisky producers

Major news for world distillers and whisky fans as new deal offers new route to UK market.

Independents for Ireland

Last year was a year of transition for Irish whiskey. But two very different Irish whiskey producers are taking different approaches.

Slyrs - Whisky's best kept secret

Whisky from the German speaking countries is slowly starting to reach out to an international audience.

El Gringo unmasked

A blogging site originating in Patagonia and written by someone calling himself El Gringo demanded closer inspection

World Whisky tasting notes

Dom brings you 50 tasting notes for whiskies from Wales to Taiwan.

Old Hobart - The world's most improved whisky?

Since it first bottled whisky 15 months ago Casey Overeem's Old Hobart Distillery has effectively already come of age. How did that happen?

Meet John Hall of Forty Creek

Dominic talks to John Hall, the man behind Forty Creek Canadian whisky

The best New World releases of 2012

Dominic has picked the best New World whisky releases from 2012. Here are his tasting notes

A look back at 2012

Where did it all go? What on earth happened to 2012?

Dom introduces our end of the year issue

Dom introduces the World Whisky Review end of the year issue

Brenne French Whisky

France isn't known for whisky but it has an established industry based in Breton, in the north of the country and an established distillery in Alsace. Nevertheless, a whisky from the Cognac region is a surprise.

More new distilleries announced

2012 ended with a spate of announcements across the world for new distillery projects

Santis Whisky, Switzerland

Santis is produced by a Swiss brewer known for full flavoured and exciting beers. Now the distinctive whisky it makes is turning heads too

Thomson Distillery, New Zealand

Mathew and Rachael Thomson are playing their part in the renaissance of New Zealand whisky, with plans for distilling well advanced.

New Zealand whisky joins the global party

New Zealand has a chequered past when it comes to whisky. It had a small but vibrant industry but it slipped away. Now, thanks to a little help from Tasmania, it's back in the game

Canadian Whisky, a review of 2012

Canadian whisky authority Davin de Kergommeaux looks back at the year

Maturing in port wood

Whisky matured in port wood is springing up all over the world. Is this a matter of necessity or because it's bringing in something new to the whisky party?

Warenghem Distillery, France

There are only a handful of sizable and very different distilleries in the Breton region of France, where strong Celtic connections remain through culture and language. David Roussier runs the Warenghem Distillery.

Wizards of Whisky winners: Canada

An increasingly exciting country after years in the doldrums. But who is the wizard?

Wizards of Whisky winners: Ireland

Irish Distillers and Cooley, now part of Beam, battle it out for the Emerald crown.

Why The Wizards add magic to New World whisky

Why The Wizards add magic to New World whisky

Wizards of Whisky winners: Europe

Five or six European nations are making great whisky. Who has triumphed?

Wizards of Whisky winners: Japan

Has Japan's star stopped rising. On this evidence, seems not?

Wizards of Whisky winners: USA Craft Distillers

This turned out to be a surprisingly strong category - and a battle royal.

Wizards of Whisky winners: Independent Bottler

Non-Scottish independent bottlers - but bottlers bottling Scotch. Confused?

Wizards of Whisky winners: Australasia

The biggest and most competitive category of all the Wizards Awards. And New Zealand is giving Australia a run for its money.

WWR News: October 2012

All the latest from the new world of whisky, including stories from India, Belgium and New Zealand

Wizards of Whisky winners: Asia and Africa

Both regions are starting to make a name internationally with Amrut leading the way. Can the Indian whisky triumph?

Telsington Whisky, Liechtenstein

Telsington whisky is from Liechtenstein looks different, tastes different and, according to its makers, is different. And slowly and surely it's winning over the cynics

Blaue Maus Distillery, Germany

Blaue Maus Distillery, Germany

St George's gets personal

St George's gets personal

Interview - David Vitale, Victoria Valley Distillery

Interview - David Vitale

Box Distillery, Sweden - part 2

The second part of our interview with the man behind Box Distillery, Hesse Nilsson. The birth of a distillery…

Organic Welsh whisky

Wales has a new distillery and will be making a wide range of organic whisky styles soon. Dominic spoke to organic farmer and now distiller John Savage-Onstwedder

Editor's Notes

Dominic sets out his stall for a bumper issue of WWR and tells us why Norfolk is such an important county for whisky

Box Distillery, Sweden : part 1

Sweden has 16 distilleries but Dominic was amazed by the whisky from Box Distillery. So who is behind the distillery? He speaks to Hasse Nilsson

WWR News: August 2012

You want world whisky news? Well you've come to the right place because we have news, lots of it...

Draymans whisky, South Africa

Could New World whisky be set to get its first premium blend? Drayman's in South Africa is on the brink.

The Wonderful World of Whisky

Sometimes you just can't help feeling you're living the dream… This year two of my absolute dreams have come true.

Stitzel-Weller American Whiskey

Stitzel-Weller is one of America's most important and iconic distilleries. And its history is stored in an amazing 'Aladdin's Cave' storeroom. I was privileged to visit it

Editors Notes

An apologetic Dominic tells us all about the new issue

High West Whiskey

In the latest step in innovation High West is making a special blend. Jason Pyle reports

WWR News: June 2012

A kind of magic - here come the the new Whisky Wizards Awards.

The London Distillery Company

England will get its fifth distillery - and London its first for more than 100 years - when the London Distillery Company goes in to production in October

The Israeli Whisky Society

Israel may not make whisky - yet - but it has one of the liveliest whisky clubs in the world, so much so that it does actually have its own whisky

Forty Creek Canadian Whisky

I didn't really get Canadian whisky until I discovered Forty Creek. Maker John Hall isn't just a great Canadian whisky maker, he's one of the world's very best period.

Troy's Moonshine

The word 'moonshine' comes with a lot of baggage, both good and bad. But as the American South in general seeks to focus on its many positives, moonshine whiskey is having a renaissance.

Kavalan Taiwanese Whisky

Taiwanese distillery Kavalan has come from nowhere to being a major player in world whisky and it makes excellent whisky

England set for its fifth working distillery

Six years ago there were no English distilleries - but by October this year there will be no less than five of them producing spirit.

The Wonderful World of Whisky

What do Brad Pitt, Tintin and Jim White have to do with world whisky? Very little it transpires. We still don't know what Dom is up to. But, hey, what the hell…

Swedish Distilleries Part 1

Sweden is rivalling australia for serious whisky distilleries. I spoke to whisky magazine Editor and writer Emma Andersson

Adnam's Copper House

Adnams is an English East coast brewery but it has started producing ground-breaking spirit including whisky. Interesting whisky.

Destination Bangalore: Amrut Distillery

Crazy traffic, rickshaws and 5am madness. Dominic experiences the colour and excitement of Bangalore - experiences only matched by the whisky...

Swedish distilleries part 2

Sweden now has 14 distilleries, Dominic takes a look at two lesser known producers

Zuidam - whisky's flying Dutchmen

Zuidam Distillery produces 600 spirit products! Yes, you read correctly. Dominic investigates...

Is Scottish whisky dumbing down?

One independent bottler in Australia certainly thinks so. We want you to join the debate. What do the Scots think?

Weird Canadian whiskies

Canada's laws on what can and can't be called whisky are a little more relaxed than some regions. Davin picks out some curiosities...

Copper Fox: Craft Distiller

Jason Pyle takes a look at America’s young, but uniquely traditional, Copper Fox Distillery

Arise Australia fair!

Tasmania has had more than its fair share of press. So let's have a look at what's happening on the mainland

Penderyn Welsh Whisky

An interview with Gillian MacDonald at Penderyn Distillery in Wales. Young, talented and in possession of the strangest still...

Welcome to issue three

What drives Dominic to seek out whisky and distilleries in the far flung corners of the globe? He explains...

New Zealand Whisky - Man on a mission

New Zealand whisky has been overshadowed by its neighbours to the West. And it's taking an Australian to head up its renaissance. Meet Greg Ramsay…

The Wonderful World of Whisky

A platform for music, fun and frolics... all with a whisky link.

New Mackmyra Distillery - A bigger Mac

Swedish distiller Mackmyra is reaping the benefits of years of successfully serving whisky to its domestic market with the opening of a new distillery.

WWR News: December 2011

Trending...the latest from the new world of whisky...

English Whisky Distiller - Fitt for purpose

St George's has had an amazing year, culminating with a Grand Maater award. I talked to distiller David Fitt

Ships ahoy! Whisky in South Africa

James Sedgwick is moving away from its Scottish template and establishing unique whisky of its own. Marc Pendlebury met distillery manager Andy Watts

Australian Whisky - Bakery Hill

David Baker, owner of Bakery Hill distillery near Melbourne has been quietly getting his ducks in a row. Now he's striking out.

Jean Donnay - Glann ar Mor

Two of the great whiskies of 2011 came from the same distillery - Glann ar Mor. And at long last I will get to visit in 2012…

Is America capable of making great single malt?

Is America capable of making great single malt? Jason Pyle checks out the american St George's Distillery

English Whisky - How the dragon awoke

Stop me if you've read this one before… from the archives: St Georges Distillery

Belgian Whisky - A wise young Owl

It's two years since I travelled to Liege and predicted a coming of age for The Belgian Owl. Has it happened? Time for another look..

Introducing the second issue

Issue two is bigger and hopefully better than the first. Ready to rock all over the world?

New Zealand Whisky - Kiwis playing catch up

New Zealand is behind the play in whisky, but it's changing rapidly…

WWR: Next Issue

What's coming up in World Whisky Review? That's right, there's more to come...

St George's, Norfolk, England

English whisky from St George’s Day picked up three Masters and a gold medal for its four whiskies. What’s going on?

Australian whisky special prt 1

Bleary eyed Dominic wakes wondering what rock band Kasabian have to do with Tasmanian whisky. Not much it turns out but it does explain the hangover...

Introducing the World Whisky Review

So what's this all about? Dominic explains the idea behind World Whisky Review...

World Whisky Masters Mackmyra

Mackmyra is uncompromisingly Swedish, and it’s taking no prisoners as it wins admirers across the world.

WWR News: November 2011

What's new in world whisky? World Whisky Masters, the Aussies and some rumours which might be true. Find out more...

A world in motion

Whisky is changing and for the better. Dominic Roskrow explains why

What on earth is white whiskey?

A micro- distilling revolution in America is ripping up the whiskey rulebook and new categories are emerging. Jason Pyle looks at the white whiskey scene

TRENDING - this issue's essential list

In each issue of the World Whisky Review there'll be a list covering some aspect of whisky. First up, the three trends which I think will have the greatest influence on the future direction of whisky.

The World Whisky Masters – Hammer Head

The surprise winner in the World Whisky Masters, Hammer Head has immense strides in the last year, and is a leading force in world whisky

World Whisky Masters – Amrut

In a very competitive field, Amrut is 2011’s most successful world whisky maker . Here’s why

World Whisky Masters Lark Distillery

Australia is emerging as one of the world’s great whisky markets, and Tasmania is in the vanguard. Much of the credit can go to Bill Lark

St. Magdalene distillery, lost but not forgotten

Continuing our series on closed distilleries Stuart Robson looks back at St. Magdalene, a lost Lowland treasure and one of the earliest known distilleries in Scotland.

The rules and regulations that helped shape Scotch whisky as we know it

David Williams, wine and spirits writer for the Observer, on how the rules and regulations that govern whisky production have helped shape flavour Scotch whisky.

Buying whisky at the LCBO - the trials and tribulations of an Ontarian whisky lover

In some parts of the world you can buy whisky from your local convenience store, but for others it's not that easy. Connosr member Jonathan Ore on the trials and tribulations of an Ontario whisky lover.

Win two sets of Villeroy and Boch whisky glasses

Watch the video review of these new whisky glasses and enter the competition to win two different sets of two glasses.

Interview with The Whisky Lounges' Eddie Ludlow

Whisky evangelist Eddie Ludlow on the philosophy of The Whisky Lounge and why making his own blend - Dram 101 - isn't as crazy as it sounds.

We taste four whiskies from the Port Askaig range

Our tasting panel assess the Port Askaig range by Speciality Drinks and find that the more you spend the better value they become.

Beginner's guide to Japanese Whisky

Start your Japanese whisky journey with this essential guide by Chris Bunting - author of "Drinking Japan" and editor of Nonjatta, the leading Japanese whisky blog.

Seared duck breast with a Glenrothes whisky sauce

Cooking video with Laura Hamilton - head chef at Queans restaurant. Pan fried duck breast, on a bed of butter beans and Puy lentils, with caramelised red onion and Glenrothes sauce.

Our friends in Japan

A few words on our Japanese feature and why buying Japanese whisky is a great way to show your support. There's also some good news for a pair of Glengoyne reviewers.

St. Georges Distillery, the home English Whisky

We took our cameras to Norfolk where The English Whisky Company are making the first whisky to be legally distilled in England for over one hundred years.

Serge Valentin on Brora - Complicated story, great whisky

Perhaps the most famous of the lost distilleries - Serge Valentin tells why its still so important.

Five whiskeys from the Cooley range

Five Cooley expressions tasted by the Distilled panel - including the much anticipated Turf Mor.

The independent spirit of Ireland

By the late 1980s the Irish didn't own the means of production for their own whiskey. One man decided it was time for a revolution.

Essential whiskies for the festive season

So what makes the perfect festive whisky? Our experts tell you what they would choose...

The whisky lover's Christmas wish list

Print this off and leave it lying around for your loved ones to accidentally find - go on you know you want to.

Win a set of whiskeys from the Cooley range

Be one of three lucky Connosr members to win a set of four Cooley whiskeys!

Confessions of an Auchentoshan collector

Self confessed "Toshan Man" Mark Dermul on his visit to the Auchentoshan distillery.

Peace on earth and good drams to all men.

A few thoughts to round off the year and a question... do we ever over-think our drams?

A trio of festive whisky ideas

The Connosr kitchen tested a trio of festive recipes to add a little malty goodness to your celebrations.

Win whisky samples from Master of Malt

Our second of two great giveaways this issue. Win £100 worth of whisky samples from Master of Malt's Drinks the the Dram range.

Making your own whisky

Connosr community member, David Smith, had the chance to make his own whisky. Here he shares his notes on the experience.

The Connosr tasting panel sample Compass Box whiskies

The Connosr tasting panel, made up of community members and the Connosr team, sample Compass Box whiskies

Win a blending masterclass with John Glaser

Win a blending masterclass with John Glaser. Can't make to London? Then he'll make a blend just for you!

Pairing whisky with chocolate

High quality chocolate, good quality whisky. Put them together... what's not to love?

Glann Ar Mor, the Celtic connection

Jean Donnay calls it the slowest distillery in the West, we call it one of the hardest to find.

Drinks by the Dram

Master of Malt recently launched a new whisky sample service. We caught up with Ben Ellefsen to find out a little more...

Three whiskies for 120 GBP: the next step in building your whisky collection

We put together a panel of whisky experts and asked them to recommend three whiskies for the next step in building a beginner's cabinet.

Five reasons not to miss The Whisky Show

As digital partners to this years show we thought we'd give you a heads up on why this is an unmissable event.

Compass Box: whisky born of obsession

John Glaser's Compass Box whisky has a devoted following despite having a ruffled a few feathers along the way...

Glenugie - a hidden gem among the lost distilleries

Our new series on lost distilleries kicks off with Glenugie - Ruben Luyten shares his thoughts on this hidden gem.

Win a copy of Discovering Scotland's Distilleries

Enter this prize draw for the chance to win a copy of Discovering Scotland's Distilleries, the new book from GW Publishing.

Four whiskies for 100 GBP: the beginner's whisky cabinet

We put together a panel of whisky experts and asked them to recommend four whiskies for a 'beginners cabinet'.

Four reasons for wine lovers to embrace whisky

Connosr co-founder, Pierre Thiébaut, on why wine appreciation is an excellent apprenticeship for a voyage of discovery with whisky. Here's four reasons for wine lovers to embrace the water of life.

Australian whisky reaches maturity

Connosr member Jason Cook, a regular contributor to the site, gives us his view on Australia's blossoming whisky industry. The first in a series of views from the community.

We taste five SMWS whiskies

The Connosr Tasting Panel convenes for the first time to sample five intriguing whiskies from the Scotch Malt whisky Society.

Interview with whisky author Gavin D Smith

Gavin D Smith talks to Connosr Distilled about the inspiration behind his new book Discovering Scotland's Distilleries and gives us an insight into what makes him tick.

Scallops in a cream and whisky sauce

We fire up the burners in the Connosr test kitchen for the first time with this delicious recipe; Scallops in a cream and whisky sauce.

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

A society dedicated to exploring the exceptional quality of single cask whisky? We liked the sound of that so travelled to Leith in Edinburgh to find out more.