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Glenmorangie Nectar D'or

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21st Aug 2012


Glenmorangie Nectar D'or
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Sauterne Finish Nectar d'Or is aged a total of 12 years. The reviewed bottle has been open for 18 months. The review is of the whisky at the present time with additional comments made about the progress of the whisky from the time the bottle was opened

Nose: pleasant relatively strong sweet Sauterne and malt flavours. These flavours have opened up a lot since the bottle was opened and are at their strongest and best now. What peat there is, is extremely mild

Taste: very sweet malt and Sauterne are in abundance now, though they were quite understated and not as pleasant for the first year in which the bottle was open. Very mild peat is also present...

Finish: long strong finish with a lot of sweetness, and at this point, a touch of sourness from oxidation. The sourness on the finish now is not sufficient to keep the flavours from being far better now than in the first year that the bottle was open

Balance: This is a bottle I enjoyed at a friend's house, then was disappointed in the bottle of it I later purchased,...until a year later. Now this is quite enjoyable, but...once again, I have to ask myself the question, would I buy it again, and probably have to wait a year for it to develop to a taste profile that I like? Probably not...(3 pts deducted on the balance score for having to wait for it for a year)

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